Thursday, March 22, 2012

New e-book is Available!!!! Now, for the first time, in English Language!


This medium-length book was at first written in Russian language and was the first novel by the Ukrainian-American author Eugene Shrayman. However, the book became so good that it became an E-Book and later even translated into English language!

Here is a quick synopsis of the story:::

Young Russian man named Anthony was forced to leave behind his home country - Russia, and travel to the distant for him and foreign America. More specifically, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. The first part of the book (which was actually his diary account that was being read by a female investigator Julia Lavrentsova) revolved around Anthony's life and struggles for a better future in Moscow, Russia. After murdering his employer George (nickname: George Mercedes) in self-defense, Anthony had to change his name to Yuri Krilov, get a new passport, and flee to the New World - America. There, Anthony became what could be called as a RENEGADE! A complete outcast to the mainstream American society, he worked as a car-service driver, went into close relationship with an African-American prostitute, and explained to the reader what Coney Island, and more accurately America looked like, from the perspective of an immigrant.

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